What is Spielgruppe plus all about?                                                            

•Playing inside and out

•Working with different materials

•singing and making music

•listening to stories

•Tooth-friendly playgroup 

Pursuit of German language

•There will always be two adults monitoring the children

•Parental participation

Who would use Spielgruppe plus?

•Any child from 2-5 years old

•When there is availability then entry should always be possible

Where does Spielgruppe plus take place?

Schoolhouse Unterdorf


    Hauptstrasse 80

    4702 Oensingen

Costs for Spielgruppe plus

•once a week             2 1/2 h.      Fr. 180.- /  per quarter   including snack

•twice a weeK            2 1/2 h.      Fr. 360.- /  per quarter   including snack                                 

•three times a week   2 1/2 h.      Fr. 540.- /  per quarter   including snack

    (Price per hour Fr.6.-)

•Payment is due in advance and will be billed quarterly

•One-off Registration fee of 25 CHF payable

My aim is that YOUR child will truly benefit from their time in the playgroup.